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Aptus nake heli cho tungsten systemTungsten Heli System
Tungsten Heli System
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Aptus Swivel Knot Beads. Balance pop ups, spinner rig, tungsten.Tungsten Swivel/Knot Beads
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Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves
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Aptus Kevlar Core Carp Fishing Leader with Quick Change Swivel. Dark Green 1m 45lbKevlar Leader with Quick Change Swivel
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Aptus Flurocarbon Leader with Quick Change Swivel. 45lb breaking strain, 1 meter long.Fluorocarbon Core Leader QC swivel
Aptus Anchor Tungsten Carp Fishing Beads. Tungsten Carp Tackle, Black.
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Aptus pre-tied Heli Tubing Kit. Carp fishing chod rig set up. Ready Heli Rig
Ready Heli Rig
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Aptus Anchor Tungsten Line Aligners. The ultimate Big Carp Line Aligners.Tungsten Aligner
Tungsten Aligner
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Aptus Camo Lead Clip and Tail Rubber system with pin. Camo Safety Lead Clip System
Aptus Zig Aligners for Big Carp Fishing. Red, Black, Yellow. Zig Aligner
Zig Aligner
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Camo Anti Tangle Sleeves
Aptus Helicopter Rig and Chod Rig Bead System for carp safe helicopter and chod rigsHeli Chod System
Aptus Extended Buffer Beads for Chod and Helicopter Rigs big carp fishing. Extended Buffer Bead
Aptus Marker Float Swivels with extra large ring. Matt black. Carp fishingMarker Swivel
Aptus Helicopter Heli Beads for carp fishing. Safety system, fast hooking. Dull black.Heli Dumbbell Beads
Aptus run rig rubbers. Run rig beads. Carp fishing running rig bead. Green. Run Rig Slip Bead