Aptus Featured in Lines on the Water Blog

Aptus are proud to have been featured in the Angling Trusts 'Lines on the Water' blog addressing the issues of single use plastic in the tackle trade. 

Dom Garnett from the Angling Trust interviewed Jack, our Managing Director - here's what they had to say:


While it would be easy to argue that it’s easier for the biggest fish in the industry to act responsibly, it is also great see independent companies doing their bit. Carp and specimen fishing company Aptus is a point in case, bringing brave steps and an eco-friendly approach to the very heart of what they do. Not only this, but they have very kindly agreed to give an exclusive 15% discount to Angling Trust members, as well as to donate a share of sales to the Angling Trust's campaigning for cleaner waters! 

“As anglers we’re so connected to nature, we should all be fishing in a way that’s eco-friendly. It’s a no-brainer!” says owner Jack Sherrin. But should it be up to the smaller guys and independents? It’s certainly a bold move to go ahead with completely plastic free, card-based packaging. I’m already wondering if the costs are prohibitive?

“It’s slightly more expensive, but not as much as I expected!” says Jack. “There were few commercial templates for what we wanted out there, though, so we had to get specialist help.”

He’s insistent, however, that change is possible. And while it’s up to the consumer to recycle what they can (and Aptus even offer a freepost “return to recycle” scheme!), the best way of all is to stop plastic and future landfill at source. “With much of the tackle we buy, it’s not like food or bait. There’s no physical reason other than being cheap and easy!”

So is it therefore up to the industry? “If there’s something that an angler wants they’ll buy it regardless of packaging, so it’s up to the companies themselves as well as the consumer” says Jack. “It does take extra effort, but hopefully the more consumers become aware, the more pressure there’ll be on the rest of the market to change. If we talk about it more and get these issues in our collective consciousness, that’s when the industry has to act.”

Again, it’s refreshing to hear fresh optimism and appetite for change. Like any savvy carp angler, it’s obvious he has a keen attention to detail- and even their mailer boxes for orders are completely plastic free and biodegradable! 

Surely if an independent like Aptus can do it, so can anyone? You would hope so, and while there is still a dizzying amount of plastic in the world of carp rigs and components, other notable players, including Nash, also now making plastic-free or recyclable packaging.

Ultimately, it’s our call as anglers, because our pounds carry real power and innovators like Aptus deserve our support.


We'd like to express our thanks to Dom and the team at the Angling Trust for including us in their article.

We also applaud the work of other organisations who are taking on the fight for cleaner waters, including Dynamite Baits, Normark UK and the campaign group, Anglers Against Single Use Plastic in the Tackle Trade. 

Our mission centers on responsible business and a serious commitment to preserving the environment and our waters, for the benefit of all fish and anglers. You can read the full article via the link here: Read the full blog here!