Staying Mobile Pays Off For Jake Addison

Jake Addison recounts his first two sessions of 2022, and how making a move provided to be a winner in bagging his first carp of 2022 - not without it's complications!...

"My first session of the year was on the first of January at a local day ticket water. Mostly as a social with some friends, I waited a few hours to jump in a swim behind an angler who had been catching but unfortunately the wind picked up much more than I had anticipated and the wind chill was just insane. I put the kettle on in the morning and realised I was at the wrong end of the lake but I was leaving that morning so I knew for next time. The lake is quite close to the coast so the winds can be very bitter and being my first time at this venue is was a learning curve. 

Unfortunately later that day I tested positive for covid so fishing was off the cards and I had to isolate. 
My next session was at a place I fished in the summer between syndicates, the whole lake is lined with reeds other than the swims, with a sunken island in the middle, with trees and reeds covering the whole mass of it. I went here because It’s a few minutes from my house and I can fish out the back of the van, so fitting day sessions in is much easier. 
Seeing the use of spinner rigs and hinges over the last season, I was sure that a mix up was needed. As they are by far some of the most used rigs around at the minute. I landed on simplicity in the end. 12 inches or so inches of Dark Matter coated braid, using a size 4 Aptus Pro Choddy hook, standard knotless knot with a 15mm white pepper pop up, a couple of inches under the hook I opened the coating with a stripper tool to allow movement between the shot and the hook. Fished with a lead clip and Aptus anti tangle sleeve. A very basic hinge rig that would sit over the dead reeds and debris on the bottom when fishing tight to the island.
Aptus tackle carp fishing stiff hinge rig big carp rig pro hooks pop up sinner rig
I was unable to fish a chod rig in this situation as you have to fish locked up with a tight line to prevent a fish getting into the island. And there has been some debate on it, but I’m a strong believer in slack lines only when chod fishing. 
After a move in the afternoon I was into my first fish of the year. Not without its complications though as the fishery supplies nets and mats, just as I’d got my last rod out I looked around for the net to put it within reach and realised there wasn’t one in the swim. I took my receiver and walked round to the next swim along which wasn’t too far but when your receiver starts melting in your pocket and you are in Ski-Tex boots on muddy, wet ground. It’s not what I would call ideal. I was half way to the net and had to make the judgement call of just getting to the rod and dealing with the rest afterwards. As I got to my swim the alarm has stopped and I expected to be buried in the reeds in the island with a trip out in the boat on the cards but I got back to a slack line, luckily the fish must have kited on the tight line and come back towards me because when I wound down onto it, I was in. The next issue was I didn’t have net, luckily my phone was in my pocket and not in my tackle bag, I got it out, clicked the side button and said ‘call Mark’, Mark is the lake owner who I assume thought I was being lazy and couldn’t be bothered to fetch my own net. He came round with the net in hand and saved that bit of the day. 
aptus carp winter carp fishing tips mirror carp best carp rigs
It just goes to prove a few minutes in the right place is better than a whole morning in the wrong place. It’s not a particularly hard lake, but this time of year can be tricky as that sunken island must hold a warmer water temp and luring them out of the safety of their carp house is tricky. 
As the light faded away I knew bite time has passed so that was me done for now, ending my second session of January."