Return to Recycle

Preserving our waters is fundamental to angling.

Our Return to Recycle scheme repurposes angling waste that's hard to recycle via traditional methods, and rewards environmental care.

To say thank you, when you recycle with us, we're offering you a free Aptus product.

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Why Are We Doing It?

Used fishing line, hooks, and plastic tackle (like beads, tubing, aligners, kickers and leaders), is very difficult to recycle, and usually ends up in landfill, incinerated, or worse, in the aquatic environment. We all know the harm this causes. 

Through our partnership with the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme (ANLRS), we help you recycle this waste. We do it for free, and you get rewarded for using the scheme. So we can all be part of the solution.

Step 1. Get Your Free Postage Label

Add a free label to your cart when you order. It's free when purchased with tackle.


Download label for free from your account dashboard. Perfect if you don't need to order anything now.

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Step 2. Stick and Send.

Once you have either received or downloaded and printed your Return to Recycle label, simply attach to your box of used tackle and drop it off at your nearest postbox or office.  Please make sure all text and barcodes are visible to ensure your waste tackle ends up in the right place. And make sure the box is sealed shut.

Step 3. Select Your Free Item

Once you've sent us your used tackle, please allow a few days for us to verify before sending out your voucher.  Once you receive your voucher code via email, you will be given a choice of free items that you can add to your cart and redeem with your next order over £10. This will be shipped out with your order.

 Receive Your Order & Enjoy!

Enjoy using your new tackle, knowing you've done your bit to preserve our waters, and remember to recycle with us again!

See you out on the bank soon! 😉