Bait Presentation Bundle

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Aptus Tackle

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The Bait Presentation Bundle¶ÿis the ultimate package to¶ÿfill your tackle box with¶ÿeverything you need for multiple angling situations, and those all important tweaks to the final stage of your rig between you and the Carp.¶ÿ

You'll receive packs of all the below, in your size/colour preferences

  • Aptus Bio Floss
  • Metal Bait Screw with Round Ring
  • Metal Bait Screw with Oval Ring
  • Clear Plastic 360 Bait Screw with Micro Hook Ring Swivel
  • Micro Hook Ring Swivel
  • Round Rig Rings
  • Oval Rig Rings
  • Tear Drop Rig Rings
  • Silicone Hook Tubing
  • Quick Hook Beads
  • Hook Stops
  • Boilie Stops
  • Hair Extender Stops
  • Maggot Clips

Get all of this together with a massive saving of over ¶œ9.00!