Rapid Stem PVA Bundle

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Pre-Tying Solid PVA Bags gives you more time on the bank to do what you're there for... fishing! Or simply prepare while on the bank to ensure changing bait is a quick as possible, and get your bait back in the water quickly.

Our Rapid Stem PVA Bundle gives you everything you need to pre-tie multiple PVA bags. You'll receive:

  • Two packs of Aptus Rapid PVA Bag Stems
  • Two packs of Solid PVA Bags (choose your sizes)
  • Two packs of PVA Bag Long Tail Rubbers¶ÿ

The Solid PVA Bags¶ÿare our new and improved PVA range. Smooth finish, PH neutral, low residue, and fast dissolving. Made in Britain.¶ÿ

The PVA Long Tail Rubbers¶ÿcan be used with the Rapid Stems, or with a traditional Lead Clip or In-Line lead set up. It reduces the risk of tangles, but crucially, creates an area for your PVA bag to be wrapped/tied around to secure on the cast.¶ÿ

The Rapid PVA Bag Stems are customisable, and useful to have a solid bag pre-filled on any session for casting to showing fish at short notice, or pre-preparing PVA bags before a session.

Getting the perfect fit with your Rapid Stems

There's hundreds of different leads on the market, all made with slightly different measurements - so we've made our Rapid PVA Bag Stems customisable to fit whatever lead you use, so you don't need to buy multiple size options.

  1. Simple slide the rubber sleeve off of the inner metal component, and use scissors to cut off a small section of the wider end (start with a small cut)
  2. Slide the rubber sleeve back over the metal component, and insert into your lead.
  3. Repeat step one and two until the Rapid Stem sits flush in your lead.