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Aptus hook ring rig stops. Carp fishing rig stops for hooks. Green brown silt and clear.Hook Stops
Hook Stops
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Aptus nake heli cho tungsten systemTungsten Heli System
Aptus chode safety system. Three bead, dark green, ideal for chod rigs.Chod Bead Kit
Aptus Helicopter Rig and Chod Rig Bead System for carp safe helicopter and chod rigsHeli Chod System
Aptus Anchor Tungsten Carp Fishing Beads. Tungsten Carp Tackle, Black.
Heli Buffer BeadHeli Buffer Bead
Aptus Impact Buffer Beads. Carp fishing buffer bead. Lake neutral green. Marker float bead.Impact Buffer Bead
Aptus Helicopter Heli Beads for carp fishing. Safety system, fast hooking. Dull black.Heli Dumbbell Beads
Aptus Buffer Beads. Carp fishing buffer bead. Lake neutral green.Crumple Zone Buffer Bead
Aptus Heli Beads for Helicopter carp fishing rigs.
Heli Beads
Aptus Extended Buffer Beads for Chod and Helicopter Rigs big carp fishing. Extended Buffer Bead
Aptus Bullet Head Beads. Brown, carp fishing rig bead.