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Swivels and Links

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Aptus spinner swivel. Ronnie swivel. Size 11 carp swivel.Ronnie Swivels
Aptus Marker Float Swivels with extra large ring. Matt black. Carp fishingMarker Swivel
Aptus Speed Links. Quick change feature, matt black. Carp fishing tackle for rigs. Speed Links
Aptus multi purpose quick links. Teflon coated black. Carp fishing tackle.Multi Purpose Quick Links
Aptus Q Clip Rings. Matt black, carp fishing tackle ring.
Aptus Link Loops. Tear drop shaped loops for carp fishing rigs. Carp Tackle. Matt black.Link Loop
Link Loop
Oval Rig RingsOval Rig Rings
Aptus Hook Ring Swivel. Matt Black, Flat ring, smooth rotation, teflon coated.Micro Hook Ring Swivel
Aptus Chod Swivel. Matt black, smooth rotation, extra strong, teflon coated.