Our Packaging

We’re passionate about our sport, our wildlife, and the waters we fish in. 

Our choices need to reflect that.

Say No to Single-Use Plastic 

Plastic is inherently harmful to water and fish. So our brilliant terminal tackle wallets and mailer boxes contain none. At the same time, they protect your tackle and make it easy for you to access.  

For The Future

The materials in our packaging are Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) approved. The material comes from responsibly managed forests – so they’ll always be there. And our packagaing is printed with vegetable and water based inks, which means wherever they end up, they’ll do no harm.


Companies are responsible for creating the plastic that fills our oceans and fresh water habitats, as a result:

100 million fish and marine animals are killed by ingesting or entangling in plastic every year.

In addition, another 1 million sea birds are killed by plastic on top of that – every year.

This is not just a saltwater problem. It happens in our rivers, lakes and canals as well.

50% of the 300 million tonnes of plastic manufactured every year is single-use. That weighs the same as the entire human population. 

Only 21% of all plastic manufactured is recycled or incinerated. The rest goes to landfill or directly into our water systems. 

In a large part of the pacific ocean, plastic currently out numbers fish by 6:1.

We Refuse To Be Part Of The Problem

Experts predict that there will be more plastic in our water systems than fish by 2050. That’s just one and a half Carp lifetimes away. Consumers are indirectly blamed for the problem by not recycling enough. This is wrong – the moral responsibility for change lies with manufacturers.  With us.

We believe anglers voices have the power to drive change in our industry, and lead to the abolition of single use plastics in the fishing tackle trade.  Imagine that.