40% More Likely To Hook A Carp. Lab Tested.

Designed & Used by Lee Jackson for 3 Years with Great Results. 
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Why are they so popular?

Hook More Carp
Proven in the lab (and on the bank!) to dramatically increase hooking potential by applying up to 40% more resistance to the hook, leading to faster penetration.

Cast Further
Proven in a wind tunnel to be more aerodynamic than a standard lead and just as stable, enabling you to cast further.

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What Anglers Are Saying


"A very simple design change but they work extremely well. Fishing at long range is light work with them and they fly very straight."
Jake Addison


"I don't understand why I haven't seen this done before - it's so obvious. I've been using them for a couple of months and won't go back."
Sam Chapman


"I was fishing a reasonably difficult lake using them, for wary fish as well. I done really well that summer and it culminated in a 60lb 9oz common."
Lee Jackson