Tungsten Tubing

2 metres

Color: Neutral Brown


  • Sinks mainline fast, and keeps it pinned down
  • Extra heavy
  • Easiest threading tubing we've ever used
  • Incredibly supple to fit lakebed contours
  • Subtle, neutral tones for excellent camouflage
  • 2m per pack

    Sometimes a product is developed that ticks all of the boxes, and this is just that!

    We wanted heavy, supple, camo and we wanted it to be easy to thread. Its heavy enough to sink any mainline very quickly. Through extensive testing, we balanced the amount of tungsten and silicone to allow the material to be incredibly supple, so it will genuinely mould to any surface it sits on, keeping your rig anchored down to the exact contours of the lakebed.

    We've opted for subtle, neutral green and brown tones that wont look out of place anywhere. And the bonus.. its the easiest threading tungsten tubing we have ever used! Just be sure to cut your line at an angle, let the tubing hang and easily slide your line through towards the ground.

    It's packed in a plastic free, biodegradable compact wallet which can be used again and again for safe storage of your tubing.¶