Back Lead System

Pack of 5



  • Create a back lead from any lead
  • Will eject if caught in weed or snags
  • Compact to take up less space in your tackle box
  • Stays secure on your line but will never trap a lost fish
  • 5 systems per pack

Quickly and easily create a back lead system with your chosen weight/lead to suit any fishing situation. The Aptus system comes with a the back lead clip and locking sleeve.

The large eye ensures it easily slides down the line when playing a fish, and means it will never remain on the line in the event of a snag or snap off. The locking sleeve is designed to give way if the lead gets caught in weed, greatly increasing your chances of landing the fish.

We've kept it simple and produced them in dull black, so it wont stand out even if you are fishing with the back lead close to your rig.¶ÿ

Lead in image not included, shown for illustration purposes only.