Big Eye Swivel

Pack of 10

Size: 8


  • One large eye¶ÿ
  • Great for use with Leaders or our Tungsten Heli System
  • Extra smooth barrel rotation
  • Premium construction
  • Non-glare finish
  • 10 per pack

Our Big Eye Swivels have one large eye to allow for the perfect helicopter bait presentation. The large eye is just the right size to easily slide up and down any mainline or leader (even rig tube!), shaped to create a 'hula-hoop' action, creating a more uniform spin on casting. This is the perfect swivel for use with our Heli-Beads.

All Aptus Swivels have been designed to provide an extra smooth rotation inside the barrel. This reduces twist on your mainline and ensures your rigs can rotate effectively when hooking or landing a fish. The premium construction gives you ultimate confidence in even the most challenging fishing situations. Subtle, non-reflective matt black finish.¶ÿ