Bio Bait Floss

30 Metres



The Aptus Bio Floss has been designed to offer all the benefits of a quality bait floss, whilst being compostable and degradable.

  • Flat profile, perfect for tying on and threading through baits
  • Extra strong
  • Blobs with a lighter¶ÿ
  • No synthetic smell when blobbed like¶ÿstandard bait floss
  • Coated in Candelilla wax
  • 30m per container
  • Comes in¶ÿa compact, stylish and reusable stainless steel tube with a convenient cutter built in
  • Made from corn starch

Why have we made this?

Huge quantities of Bait Floss made from conventional plastic is sold in the UK each year. It often ends up in landfill, or on lakebeds. We wanted to make a product that helps combat that issue, and still keeps your baits securely where you want them.¶ÿ

It¶ÿblobs with a lighter, keeps bait secure, doesn't have a synthetic odour for carp to pick up on... and its¶ÿbetter for the environment!


Ensuring the Floss can grip onto bait effectively is really important. So we've coated it in a wax derived from the Candelilla Shrub, native to Northern Mexico and the Southern United States. The wax gives the floss excellent gripping properties, whilst remaining 100% natural.¶ÿ


We'll shortly be adding great value refills to our range, so you can re-use the handy stainless steel container you'll get now, and save money next time you buy.