Chod Bead Kit

Pack of 10



  • Perfect for Chod and Helicopter Rigs
  • Fish safe, with 'C' bead dropping off
  • Perfect for use with our Size 11 Ring Swivels
  • 10 sets per pack
  • 5 extra 'C' beads included¶ÿ


The Chod Bead Kit creates an effective and fish safe chod/heli set up, for ultimate confidence on any lakebed. Easily slide the components onto your leader, with your chod or hooklink between the beads for a fomidable carp catching rig.

In the event of a snap off or snag, the 'C' bead will easily slide off and allow the fish to drop the lead and leader.

We recommend the use of one of our size 11 ring swivels for maximum efficiency and an Crumple Zone Buffer Bead to protect your knot when playing the fish.

Each pack comes with an extra 5 'C' beads. If you purchase this kit and are unlucky enough to loose all of the 'C' beads.

NOTE:¶ÿThis is better used with a leader. Use on a naked line is not recommended.