Chod Bundle

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Aptus Tackle

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All the terminal tackle you need to create multiple Chod Rigs to your preference!

Including the Aptus Pro Chod Hook, for an ultra sharp point and slight out turned eye, converting more pick ups into takes.¶ÿ

You'll receive¶ÿa pack of each of these:

  • Aptus Pro Chod Hooks
  • Chod Bead Kit
  • Chod Swivel
  • Tungsten Swivel/Knot Beads
  • Clear Plastic Bait Screw with Micro Ring Swivel
  • Micro Hook Ring Swivel
  • Quick Change Ring Swivel Size 11

The Chod bead kit is best used on leaders for optimum performance of the beads, but can be used on naked line where required.¶ÿ

The Tungsten Swivel/Knot Beads are a fantastic way to counter balance your pop up, while also acting as a means to close the Size 11 Quick Change Ring Swivel to secure your rig.¶ÿ

We've included both Micro Hook Ring Swivels and CLear Plastic Bait Screws so you can pick the best option for your chosen hook bait.

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