Aptus Pro Chod

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Variant: Micro Barbed
Size: 4
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Our Sharpest, Strongest and Smoothest Hooks... Ever.

The Aptus Pro Hooks are designed for high performance angling, using¶ÿour¶ÿmost advanced materials and manufacturing processes.

Vanadium Steel

The addition of Vanadium in the steel forms a harder, stronger and more resilient metal.¶ÿAllowing¶ÿfor a longer tapered, needle sharp point.¶ÿThe Vanadium makes the steel much harder¶ÿ- reducing the¶ÿrisk of them being dulled on¶ÿanything they come into contact with.

Vanadium¶ÿmakes the metal more wear resistant, meaning they stay sharp after catching multiple fish, and a more hard wearing on anything they come into contact with.

Ultra fine PTFE Coating

We've used the best PTFE coating available to us, which makes them impeccably smooth and results in a rate of penetration between 18-24% faster than our previous hooks. Meaning these hooks will convert more pick ups into takes, and ultimately, more fish on the bank.

Refined Eye Closure

The eyes have been engineered to close as neatly as possible resulting in minimal risk of 'pinch-points' and very little risk of concentrated friction on your knots.

Aptus Pro Curve Shank Hooks

The Aptus Pro¶ÿCurve Shank sets a new benchmark for quality in the Aptus range in terms of sharpness, strength, and performance driven design.¶ÿ

  • Slight Out-Turned Eye (perfect for chod rigs and stiff hook links)
  • Straight point
  • Micro Barbed or Barbless
  • Sizes 4, 6 or 8
  • Long¶ÿtapered needle sharp points
  • Vanadium Steel
  • Premium ultra fine PTFE coating