Free Return To Recycle Label

FREE when ordering at least 1 product

Label: Regular


This label's shipping is FREE when ordering at least 1 product from our store!

When you order this label, we'll send it out with your other products. 

You'll also receive an email with simple instructions on how to use the label and send your recycling to us. 

Why is shipping not free when ordering the label alone? 

There's a cost involved in getting the label to you, and in getting your recycling back to our recycling partners. We would love to offer this service to everyone for free, but we don't currently have the resources. So for now, we've limited it to Aptus customers. In the future, we hope to open the scheme up to everybody.

What can be recycled? 

Fishing line, plastic tackle items, hooks, used rigs, and plastic tackle packaging. 

What happens to the recycling? 

We receive the recycling, process it (and give you your recycling rewards when the barcode is scanned). We then pass it to our recycling partners, The Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme, who put the waste through a unique process to turn previously un-recyclable waste, into a useable resource. 

What are 'Recycling Rewards'? 

When you recycle with us, we give you a voucher code so you can pick a free pack of Aptus tackle on your next order of £10 or more. 

When you get your label it will have a unique barcode on it linked to your account. When we scan the label, your account automatically gets credited with Recycling Rewards. 

How many times can the label be used? 

Once. Whether you order the physical label, or download the digital version from your Aptus dashboard, each label is unique and will only work once. If you want to recycle with us again, just get another label from us.