Heavy Weight Tungsten Bundle

Save $4.78

Aptus Tackle

$37.70 $42.48


The ultimate bundle for anglers who always want their rigs pinned down.¶ÿ

Get yourself a mega bundle of all the Tungsten products Aptus offers, and ensure you've always good the right solution in your tackle box for any rig or situation.¶ÿ

The Heavy Weight Bundle Includes

  • 20g Tin Aptus Tungsten Putty
  • Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves
  • Tungsten Heli System
  • Tungsten Tubing
  • Tungsten Sinkers
  • Tungsten Swivel/Knot Beads
  • Tungsten Aligners
  • Tungsten Beads

Simply¶ÿselect¶ÿyour preferred sizes/colours, and save ¶œ3.80!

All Aptus Tungsten products are designed with angling performance in mind, ensuring the density and flexibility of each product is perfectly balanced.