Rapid PVA Bag Stems

Pack of 5



  • Allows pre-tying and filling of PVA bags
  • Customisable to fit any lead
  • Extra strong 
  • Flexi Ring Swivel
  • 60mm
  • 5 per pack

Our Rapid PVA Bag Stems allow you to pre-fill your solid PVA bags, including your lead and rig. Simply swap the plastic insert from your inline lead and replace with a Rapid Stem, and you're ready to get your bait into the water immediately.

Useful to have a solid bag pre-filled on any session for casting to showing fish at short notice, or pre-preparing PVA bags before a session.

We've designed our Rapid Stems to be flexible enough to fit the majority of leads and they come in a dark, translucent green which won't look out of place on any lakebed. Length: 60mm. 

Getting the perfect fit

There's hundreds of different leads on the market, all made with different measurements - so we've made our Rapid PVA Bag Stems customisable to fit whatever lead you use. 

  1. Simply slide the rubber sleeve off of the inner metal component, and use scissors to cut off a small section of the wider end (start with a small cut). 
  2. Slide the rubber sleeve back over the metal component, and insert into your lead.
  3. Repeat step one until the Rapid PVA Bag Stem sits flush in your lead.