Ready Heli Rig


Color: Silt Black


Our Ready Heli Rig has proven to be a prolific carp catching rig for our team and consultants, Incredibly effective on some really weedy waters.

Available in Neutral Green and Silt Black.

50cm long.

We wanted to offer a pre-made helicopter rig, perfect for longer hook links or chod rigs, without leaders or leadcore. Our answer is to use our heavy rig tubing, which gives you a premade heli-rig you can use on waters where leadcore is banned. Fish safety is as always central to our design, and as a result this rig ensures the hooklink will come free from the lead and mainline in the event of a snag or snap off.

First use: During storage, the end of the tubing where the Heli Buffer Bead slides over can become constricted - we recommend you remove the buffer bead, cut off about 1.5cm of tubing and then thread your line before putting the buffer bead back on. Then, moisten the tubing around the beads and slide them up and down a few times for optimal fish safety.