Resista Bullet (10 Pack)

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Size: 2oz
Coating: Silt Rough
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Main customer feedback points

  • Noticeably stronger hook holds
  • More takes
  • More aggressive takes
  • More fish caught
  • No tangles

We hear these things repeatedly and regularly - try them for yourself today!

Product information

Resista Bullets were designed by Lee Jackson for use in his own angling. Their effectiveness has been proven on the bank, and in a specialist lab.

They hook fish faster than normal distance casting or helicopter leads, whilst allowing you to fish at range with easily.

The story (and science) behind it

Former British record holder and carping legend, Lee Jackson, came up with an edge to trip the wary carp in his syndicate...

This particular water is home to a number of big, wary and difficult to catch carp. Made even more challenging by the weedy conditions in the summer, this is the kind of water that any angler wants the utmost confidence in their rig mechanics for when a bite comes.¶ÿ

Lee's mind is always working on ways to improve the effectiveness of a rig and ultimately get more carp on the bank. And with over 50 years of carp angling experience, we can see why this small tweak has had such an impact!¶ÿ

Lee believed that by positioning the swivel at the heaviest end of the lead, and thus reducing the distance a carp would need to move before feeling the resistance of a lead and bedding the hook, there would be a smaller chance of carp ejecting a hook. And by doing this on a distance lead, he could still maintain good casting distance on larger waters.¶ÿ

He was proven right! While using his design throughout 2020/2021, amongst many fish, Lee banked¶ÿa very special fish... an English common carp¶ÿhitting the scales at over 60lb, that was all the confidence Lee needed for this lead to play a big part in his angling.¶ÿ

Now Lee's worked with Aptus to make these leads available¶ÿto everyone.¶ÿ

Whilst there will never be one lead that covers every situation, we believe this lead gives anglers the benefit of hitting good distances, and enabling greater hooking capability!

How do we know?¶ÿ

We worked with a leading University to test the properties of this lead, against others, in their specialist lab...¶ÿ

The lab tests, comparing Lee's design to similar leads with the swivel in the traditional position, showed that:

  • A 90 degree horizontal movement (replicating a fish moving the lead but not lifting it off the floor), results in 15% more force applied to the hook.¶ÿ
  • A 180 degree horizontal movement (replicating a fish moving the lead slightly further but still not lifting it off the floor), results in 29.5% more force applied to the hook.¶ÿ
  • A 90 degree vertical movement (replicating a fish picking up the lead), results in 40.1% more force being applied to the hook!

In fishing terms, this means your rig will require less movement from the carp for the hook to penetrate, and it will give wary carp a smaller window of opportunity to eject your hook bait. All whilst maintaining the properties of a distance casting lead!

When we saw these lab results, it explained exactly why the leads seemed so prolific on the bank.¶ÿ

Oh, and we had the leads tested in a wind tunnel too (over the top maybe, we know!) - but the results showed this lead is no less aerodynamic, and just as stable in flight, as a traditional distance caster or helicopter lead with the swivel in the normal position.¶ÿ

So,¶ÿhere's¶ÿa lead designed by Lee Jackson, proven on the bank in his angling, and proven by experts in a lab, to:

  • Hook fish faster
  • Allow you to cast just as far as normal

¶ÿAvailable in packs of 10, in the following colours:

  • Smooth Green
  • Smooth Silt
  • Rough Silt

And in sizes:

  • 2oz
  • 2.5oz
  • 3oz
  • 3.5oz

Why packs of 10?¶ÿ

Most people buy several at a time. So by¶ÿselling them in a multipack, we can accurately forecast¶ÿcosts and reduce the overall cost per lead. Sending something as heavy as lead by post is never going to be easy,¶ÿso this helps us do it and keep costs low for our customers.¶ÿ

Delivery Charge

We've tried multiple ways of packaging and postage to keep delivering these leads free of charge. But they are simply too heavy and valuable to post without significant level of strong packaging and tape, along with recorded delivery to mitigate loss. As a result, there is £3.99 postage and packaging fee for Resista Bullet Leads. We hope you can appreciate, given the weight of leads and the cost of postage, this is required to ensure your leads arrive safely.¶ÿ