Ronnie Rig Bundle

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Aptus Tackle

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The Ronnie Rig Bundle gives you everything you need to tie Ronnie Rigs, and keeps your tackle box stocked up with all the components.¶ÿ

We've included our Aptus Pro Curve Shank Hooks so you convert as many pick ups into takes as possible. And our Ronnie Sleeves make it easy to create the perfect hooking angle, and change your hooks when required.

You'll receive a pack of each of these:

  • Aptus Pro Curve Shank Hooks
  • Micro Hook Ring Swivels
  • Ronnie Swivels
  • Hook Stops
  • Ronnie Sleeves
  • 20g Tin Aptus super dense and sticky Tungsten Putty

Simply choose your preferred sizes and colours, and you're ready to get tying!