Ronnie Sleeves

Pack of 10

Color: Neutral Green


  • Ideal to replace shrink tube on ronnie/spinner rigs
  • Hold the hook at your preferred angle
  • Makes re-using components easier
  • Available in Neutral Green and Neutral Brown
  • Packs of 10

Our Ronnie Sleeves were designed with three things in mind; 1. To enable anglers to create Ronnie Rigs without the need for steaming shrink tube, 2. To allow you to create your preferred hooking angle, and 3. To stop tackle being needlessly thrown away when an angler changes a hook on a Ronnie Rig.

Simply slide the sleeve onto the hook before attaching the eye of the hook to the Ronnie Swivel. Then slide the sleeve down over the swivel, angle the hook as required and you've got an effective rig where you can change the hook easily without disposing of the rest of the rig. A side benefit to these sleeves is that they can be used on an inline lead for situations where you don't want a long tail rubber. Provided in packs of 10.