Safety Lead Clip with pin

Pack of 10

Colour: Green


  • Excellent camouflage
  • More flexible 'arm' to aid in lead release if required
  • Less aggressive teeth to prevent tail rubbers jamming
  • Perfect fit for swivels
  • Pins included for optional use
  • 10 per pack

We're really proud of our Lead Clips! Strong design, neutral matt colour, fits a swivel snuggly and ejects the lead with just the right amount of pressure to ensure fish safety.

This is a staple to any tackle box and has aided in the capture of many big carp on the most challenging of waters. Fish it with or without the included pin to secure your swivel inside the clip depending on what you want to achieve.

The colour of this product was really important to us, with such a vast array of lakebeds to blend into, we've selected neutral tones which will naturally blend in to anywhere.

Remember, for fish safety, never slide your tail rubber all the way down the clip.

‹¯¨Tail Rubbers sold separately.

Not for use with Leaders. check out our Safety Leader Lead Clips here, if you're fishing lead clips on a leader.