Solid PVA Bags

Pack of 25

Size: Small


  • Fast dissolving, even in cold water
  • 25 microns thick
  • PH Neutrally
  • Low Odour
  • Small (6x10cm)
  • Medium (8x13cm)
  • Large (10x15cm)
  • 25 per pack
  • Made in the UK

The new and improved Aptus Solid PVA Bags are expertly made in Britain, resulting in a PH Neutral, low residue and robust solid bag that melts when you want it to and can withstand long casts.

With a smooth finish, they're easy too open and have the ability to 'lick n stick'. Perfect for pre-tying or getting one prepared quickly on the bank.

Plastic Packaging and Tackle Recycling

Its imperative that your PVA Bags remain completely dry in storage and on the bank, so we have used plastic for the packaging of our PVA Bags to ensure they remain completely dry and perform well. We have ensured the bag they come in is re-sealable, and encourage you to use the bag when its empty to fill with used line, hooks, rigs, and other used tackle. Then send it back to us for FREE with our Return to Recycle Scheme, and we'll ensure its diverted from landfill and turned into something useful. Earn free tackle when you recycle with us - learn more here.

We are continuing to develop an appropriate PVA packaging solution that contains no plastic. Until we get that to a consistent quality, we will¶ÿmitigate any plastic waste through our unique Return to Recycle Scheme, and develop further environmentally friendly products and solutions.