Tail Rubber

Pack of 10

Colour: Green


  • To work with our lead clips with pins
  • Smooth material to fish safety and tangle prevention
  • 25mm long with gradual taper
  • Available in Neutral Green or Neutral Brown
  • 10 per pack

Our Tail Rubbers have been designed to offer a perfect fit to our lead clips which prevents the lead ejecting on casting or general pressure, but will allow the lead to eject under pressure from a snag.

At 25mm, they're slightly longer than others on the market to give a more gradual taper which will ultimately decrease tangles by giving any stray hook link less the latch onto.

With¶ÿa smooth finish to make it harder for any hook link to grip on and tangle.

Just like our lead clips, colour is super important so we've selected tones which will blend in easily with any lakebed to match the lead clips. Available in a neutral¶ÿgreen and a neutral brown.¶ÿ