Total Carp Reader Bundle

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Aptus Tackle

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We've taken a selection of top selling tackle items that we know most anglers have in their tackle boxes, and put them together in one great value bundle, exclusively for Total Carp Readers. 

To give you a great sample pack of Aptus products for your tackle box!

You'll receive: 
- Our impressively sharp Aptus Pro Curve Shank Hooks (Micro Barbed Size 8)
- And, a pack of Aptus Pro Wide Gape Hooks (Barbless Size 8)
- Aptus Solid PVA Bags (Large)
- PVA Ties (dissolving cable ties with hundreds of uses)
- A 20g tin of our super dense and incredibly sticky Tungsten Putty (Weed Green)
- A pack of Ronnie Swivels 
- A pack of our unique Ronnie Sleeves
- Black Kickers
- 2 meters of our easy to thread Safety Rig Tube in Weed Green
- 20 Quick Hook Beads - coming on a quick applicator in a discreet dull black colour
    We're also giving away a FREE pack of Hair Extender Stops with this Bundle. 

    Order now and try Aptus for yourself today!