Zig Bundle

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It's hot, the carp are up in the water. You can see them, but they just aren't dropping down to feed. It's time to try a Zig!

When Zig Fishing, the key is trial and error. Keep changing depths and colours until you find the fish (and the fish find you!).¶ÿ

Our Zig Bundle gives you everything you need to effectively present to carp in the upper layers of¶ÿthe water. With three colours of both our Zig Aligners, and our highly buoyant Zig Foam, you can keep changing until you find the perfect combination.¶ÿ

You'll also receive an extra Zig Baiting Tool (in addition to those provided with the aligners).¶ÿ

The included Aptus Pro Wide Gape hooks are lightweight, incredibly strong, and impressively sharp. Along with the wide gape and beaked point, these are all the ingredients to create a highly effective Zig Rig.¶ÿ

You'll receive:

  • 3 Packs of Zig Aligners (Black, Red and Yellow)
  • 3 Packs of Zig Foam (Black, Red and Yellow)
  • Spare Zig Foam Tool
  • Aptus Pro Wide Gape Hooks (choose your size and Barb option)

Zig fishing is all about experimenting, so be sure to mix and match these components until you find a winning combination!

We don't know anyone who was confident for a bite the first time they used a Zig. But we know plenty of people who kept using them after they tried it once - take the leap of faith today and start catching more carp!