One Percent For Water

Let's Create A Better Future For Our Waters.

We donate 1% of our total sales revenue to funding freshwater preservation projects, because we believe the future of angling, and fish, is directly linked to the health of our waters.

Our goal is to create real change and align ourselves with anglers who value a serious commitment to our environment.

That’s why we pledge 1% of our income to projects that affect real positive change to our waters, right here in the U.K.

For the benefit of all fish, anglers and our environment, we pledge 1% of our income to preserve and restore our waters.

Anglers Against Pollution

Through the Anglers Against Pollution campaign, by lobbying government to enforce existing laws against polluters - who are often large corporations – through the environment agency.

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Anglers Against Litter

Through the Anglers Against Litter Campaign, to engage anglers with the issue of littler and plastic pollution in freshwater and marine environments for local action, and by working with industry to reduce the problem of throwaway plastic.

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