Durabags Solid PVA Bags

Pack of 20

Size: Small


  • Fast dissolving, even in cold water
  • Durable to keep your bait secure
  • Small (7x14cm)
  • Medium (8x16cm)
  • Large (12x16cm)
  • Extra Large (15x20cm)
  • 20 bags per pack

Fast dissolving, no residue, reinforced solid PVA bags. We designed our bags to be durable and hold their form even when not used immediately. This means you can pack bait in more tightly, and be confident that the weight of the contents will be supported during casting, even when not used straight away - perfect for pre-tying.

Once submerged in water they breakdown within 45 seconds and fully dissolve within two minutes, even in cold water.

Provided in a biodegradable water and damp proof kraft paper pouch.