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Do you use Leaders in your angling? The Aptus Leader Bundle gives you 6 of our highly acclaimed Leaders at an excellent value price. 

Our leaders have been put through their paces by a specialist Wild Carp Fishing Tour Operator in Europe, and are now their favored Leader.

Responsible for multiple fish to over 60lb and even more 50lb+ fish (plenty of 30s and 40s to!), caught from some of the most challenging, snaggy, rocky, and wild rivers on the continent, these leaders really are up for the job. 


  • Two Fluorocarbon Core Leaders (off-clear colour)
  • Four Kevlar Core Leaders (Green or Brown colour)

All of our Leaders have excellent abrasion resistant properties, extra strong fused loop ends, and strong yet consistent breaking strains. Making them suitable in even the most challenging environments. 

All leaders come with a Quick Change Swivel (Size 8) on one end. This can be snipped off with pliers if required.