Mega Tackle Bundle

Save £33.35

Aptus Tackle

£29.99 £63.34


The Mega Bundle of tackle products is now available to you for a limited time online!

You'll get 22 packs of Aptus tackle, with an RRP of £63.34, sent to you for just £29.99, including FREE DELIVERY.

We only have a set amount, so when they're gone, they're gone... Don't miss out on this opportunity to get exclusive angling show pricing delivered to your door for free!

Each bundle contains a pack of: 

  • Camo lead clips and tail rubbers
  • Camo Anti Tangle Sleeves
  • Camo Kickers
  • Zig Aligners (Red or Yellow)
  • Zig Foam (Black)
  • Tungsten Sinkers (Small)
  • Green Aligners
  • Ronnie Sleeves
  • Rig Tubing (Weed Green or Brown)
  • Kickers (Red)
  • Kickers (White)
  • Link Loops
  • Multi Purpose Quick Links
  • Q Clip Rings
  • Crimps (20 Pack)
  • Silicone Sleeves
  • Marker Swivels (Extra Large Ring)
  • Boilie Stops (Yellow)
  • Boilie Stops (Clear)
  • Hair Extender Stops (Brown)
  • Maggot Clips (Large)
  • Size 8 Standard Rolling Swivels

Where items have a colour option, the one you're delivered will include one of the two options given. It's not possible to select colours.