School Holiday Pack

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Aptus Tackle

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Great if you want youngsters to learn instead of just supplying pre-tied rigs. This pack includes all the tackle needed to assemble the tried and tested Hair Rig, with a lead clip and safety rig tubing. 

Many of us will remember our first carp rigs. They were simple, quick to tie, and importantly... allowed you to get a bait in the water easily and confidently.

This pack will do just that - and it comes at a great POCKET MONEY FRIENDLY PRICE!

Worth £33.84 - on sale now for just £14.99!


  • Curve Shank hooks (great for simple fluorocarbon rigs)
  • Wide Gape Hooks (awesome for floater fishing and using Shrink Tube)
  • Shrink Tube (get them learning how to improve the hooking ability of a rig - plus its cheaper than aligners!)
  • Anti Tangle Sleeves (spend more time fishing and less time untangling them!)
  • Quick change swivels (easy way to change rigs without tying knots all day)
  • Lead Clips
  • Tail Rubbers
  • Safety Rig Tubing 
  • 5 Leads (yes, 5!)
  • Boilie stops
  • Silicone Hook Tubing (great when they're ready to step up their rig game)